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Backed by years of experience, we are proud to provide Handyman, Organization, and Maintenance services to the Denver area.

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Handyman Services

I have enjoyed constructing, assembling or repairing things since I was a child. I will personally handle all Handyman/Restoration services. From electrical to plumbing to organization, painting and more, we can repair just about anything!

Restoration Services

Our Restoration services include home improvements, powder coating, power washing, and re-staining wood. We perform most of the work ourselves, but we do use qualified contractors for bigger projects. All work is backed by our guarantee.

Home Maintenance

We provide a monthly home maintenance service in order to help you save time and money, as well as to maintain your investment. We will arrive once each month on a scheduled date and go through our standard checklist. We also note any noticeable issues concerning your home that may be occurring.